Our Services

Hygienic Laundry

1. A bar code tag is attached to your garments at the time of collection, to facilitate security and tracking.

2. After collection, your dresses are sealed in a bag and send to our plant with high-tech facilities.

3.The sorting process is the first step once your dresses reach the plant. they are categorized according to material, colour and nature of material.

4.Sarees are polished before ironing to improve the gleam.

Dry cleaning

1. We have our fabric care advisor, who determines the wasing and stain removal requirements of your dresses.

2. A world-class environment has been created in our plant, where your dresses undergo the stain removal and wasing process.

3.Steam ironing is performed esing the equipments like flat bed press, coller & cuff press, shtrting unit, leggar unit, mushroom press, flat work ironing, etc. our fabric care advisor suggests the best ironing method for each garment.

Steam ironing

1.Having all the processes completed, the dresses are then packed and sent back to the clients.

2.We follow strict hygienic standards to ensure an anti-microbial environment for your clothes.

3.We strictly follow environment-friendly practices in fuel usage and waste disposal.

4.Feel the unique quality of global standard fabric care at Clean Box.